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ps3 game cheatsHello, my name is Rocky and if you are looking for PS3 game cheats you came to the right place. I created this game cheats and codes site after not being able to find what I was looking for on other sites. I wanted this uncensored site to help you locate cheat codes for games you may have had trouble finding before.

When the Playstation 3 came out, I did not want to have to wait weeks to complete and entire video journey. Not having the patience I should, I wanted to get to the end as soon as possible. I knew that I would need game codes and cheats to accomplish this. I started looking for PS3 game cheats online.

There PS3 Game Cheats Available All Over The Internet

I thought it would be simple to find them, but then I found out otherwise. Luckily, when it comes to looking for something I can’t find, I was patient and went to multiple Internet sites looking for free cheat codes. After finding the best ones, I decided to create this site and gradually include them on here. Many people have sent me emails thanking me so I am glad I have been able to help those who were looking for the same things I was.

I created this site thinking about what you guys might like to see. I knew that if I spent so much time looking for free cheat codes on the Internet, other people were probably doing the same.

The first thing you have to remember when looking for Playstation 3 game cheats and codes is that you will have to take your time. There are a lot of places that claim to have what you are looking for, but few will deliver. Make sure the sites are not just shells for advertising. Make sure they reward your time spent on it with the goods you are looking for.

Playing the games is a lot of fun, but it’s always even more fun to have the special weapons or tools need to get to the top fast. You can do this if you play for a long time and unlock them by playing, but there are other ways to get them fast. Of course, the quickest way is to get those game codes and cheats. The PS3 game cheats give you what you are looking for fast!

Never feel like you are cheating when you locate them. They were created for you to use right? Enjoy them when you get them and have even more fun with them, than you did without them.

As time goes by, I will continue to add content that I know gamers will appreciate. I have received plenty of help from others, so I don’t mind helping folks in return. My goal is to make this the number one PS3 game cheats source on the net. I appreciate you taking the time and checking my effort.

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